Comfort food

Disclaimer:  The following is in no way fuel for the breast v. bottle argument…which isn’t usually perpetuated by Mamas anyway.Blog- squash-soup_4

I’ve always been a big fan of the comfort food.  I’ve been snuggled by my mom’s chicken soup, commiserated with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and loved by a gooey grilled cheese. But until I became a mama, I never knew the power of the ultimate comfort food.  Breastmilk.

Uh oh, Peanut’s cranky from a long day at daycare?  Kiss, kiss, boob.

Boom.  Happy baby.

Can’t fall asleep?  Kiss, kiss, boob.

Boom. Sleepy baby.

Got a cold?  Ear infection?  Cutting a tooth?  kiss, kiss, boob, boob, boob.

Boom.  Happy baby.

Calms her dad pretty well too.



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