Another 31 Days, Another 31 Posts

The first time I participated in the Slice of Life Writing challenge was in 2019. I’m pretty sure I reflected on myself as a writer back then, but I’m doing it again because I’ve done more writing and because my memory stinks.

I compose in my head throughout the day (this one I definitely realized I did last time and I found myself doing it again).

When I don’t compose throughout the day, ideas still come pretty easily. Slumped on the couch after a rowdy bedtime, all I need is some quiet reflection and something post-worthy blooms.

My kids are nutballs and idea generation factories.

I seem to like writing free verse poetry. That’s definitely new.

I still can’t tell if I’m any good at the above mentioned poetry. And, I’m not a reliable critic of others’ poetry. I just don’t even know how people learn to critique that sh*t.

Word choice is a relative strength and something I address during the revision process. However, I rely on it instead of trying new techniques.

I still shy away from hard topics, afraid I won’t do them justice. And if my community of readers was more like Twitter, I’d be afraid I’d be doxxed.

Writing helps me focus my thoughts. I might start out not quite sure how I feel about something. After the post, clarity.

I love circular endings.

There are certain words I just can’t spell.

I still don’t really get passive voice. Maybe I should google it.

I like my writing and my voice, but sometimes I feel like it’s Miller Lite and other people are writing Guinness. Good thing you can pound Miller Lite.

Thank you TWT for this amazing, rejuvenating month. Onward writers.

2 thoughts on “Another 31 Days, Another 31 Posts

  1. Wahoo!! You did it. So glad you joined the challenge again. Appreciated you sharing with us your process, especially how clarity is reached afterwards. Your beer analogy made me laugh. Speaking of which, OPD?


  2. Congratulations!!!! This is a great reflective list for your final March 2021 post. I agree with how you describe your daughters – idea generation factories! I hope you are free on April 11st to come to Lacey Wood Park to celebrate safely in person. (I sent an email invite a few days ago) Your daughters are welcome to come, too! They should come as they were such a part of many of your slices. Hope to see you soon! (Sorry again for reading and sending a cascade of comments. But figure it is better to be late, then not at all!)


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