Another 31 Days, Another 31 Posts

The first time I participated in the Slice of Life Writing challenge was in 2019. I’m pretty sure I reflected on myself as a writer back then, but I’m doing it again because I’ve done more writing and because my memory stinks.

I compose in my head throughout the day (this one I definitely realized I did last time and I found myself doing it again).

When I don’t compose throughout the day, ideas still come pretty easily. Slumped on the couch after a rowdy bedtime, all I need is some quiet reflection and something post-worthy blooms.

My kids are nutballs and idea generation factories.

I seem to like writing free verse poetry. That’s definitely new.

I still can’t tell if I’m any good at the above mentioned poetry. And, I’m not a reliable critic of others’ poetry. I just don’t even know how people learn to critique that sh*t.

Word choice is a relative strength and something I address during the revision process. However, I rely on it instead of trying new techniques.

I still shy away from hard topics, afraid I won’t do them justice. And if my community of readers was more like Twitter, I’d be afraid I’d be doxxed.

Writing helps me focus my thoughts. I might start out not quite sure how I feel about something. After the post, clarity.

I love circular endings.

There are certain words I just can’t spell.

I still don’t really get passive voice. Maybe I should google it.

I like my writing and my voice, but sometimes I feel like it’s Miller Lite and other people are writing Guinness. Good thing you can pound Miller Lite.

Thank you TWT for this amazing, rejuvenating month. Onward writers.