Poison won the Battle, I won the MF Garden

My very own one woman, nap time landscaping business is underway!

I toil as truck loads of workers park in front of my neighbors’ homes, pull their powerful, appropriate-for-the-job tools from their trucks, and remake landscapes in the span of a day.

I bend, pull, shovel, grunt, and sweat in my long pants, long-sleeved shirt and gloves with my crappy powerless tools, trying desperately to avoid the poison ivy hiding among the merely annoying ivy. During the hottest two hours of the day.

Here are the stages of my progress, though I missed taking a before-before picture when the ivy was all on the ground in front of these trees and I have yet to have a truly finished garden for an ‘after’ picture.

Step one:  Mow all the ivy that was in front of these trees.


Step two: Pull out the tangled mess left by the ivy. Unfortunately, the lawn mower only eats the leaves.


Step three:  Buy some hydrangeas, dig some holes, and plop the little f’ers in the holes. Then relocate some hostas.


Only one obnoxious battle scar from all of this. As a reminder, I was covered head to toe to avoid this poison ivy. Head to toe, people. That shit don’t play.




The NSN takes on the Yard

Summer is the best, but it also makes me bonkers. As a teacher, I have two months to pack in all my hobbies and interest (am I really complaining here?) But sometimes it makes my ADD take flight and my hands freeze.

Write some children’s lit? Read a book? Read about best practices in teaching? Become a landscape designer? Interior designer? Craft? Blog? Invent fun things to do with my kid? Exercise?

The list of fun is exhausting.

The jungle of the backyard has had my mind and hands on it since spring, so I may as well focus my energy on that second landscaping design career and make home my personal portfolio.  And, what the hell, I’ll blog about it too.

The hubby and I have lived in a single family home for almost three years and had a baby shortly after we moved in, so we kinda let the landscaping go.  And it went.

So now, to work.  First project up is the ivy.  Poison and otherwise.  Stay tuned.