The Toot Fairy

“Whooooo hooo hoo, Alright!” I heard my husband exclaim from inside the house.

Shortly after that, the back storm door protested loudly and slammed behind tiny footsteps, “Mom! Mom!”

“Out here!”

My daughter pushed at the stubborn gate until it gave way and she found me raking out a flower bed in the side yard, “Look!” she yelled, holding in her hand a nearly invisible baby tooth.

“Whoa! It came out!”

“Yeah. I just forgot about it and bit into my strawberry and it and, yeah,” she threw her hands up.

We headed inside to swish with some salt water and put her tooth in a safe place.

This will be the tooth fairy’s second visit in a week. My daughter is beginning to like this little woman and so decided to write her a note. Tonight, its all dreams of flitting fairies and charm. Tomorrow, it’s all blends and digraphs practice.

3 thoughts on “The Toot Fairy

  1. Your ending shows you are a reading teacher!! Love how you honor your daughter’s writing by posting it here!! Thanks for sharing. My daughters are now 32 and 28 so I enjoyed being reminded of as you call “this little woman”


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