The Skeptic

“But I can’t read it by myself, Mommy,” she pleads. She is in her crib, refusing a book, determined to prolong this bedtime routine. I take the bait anyway.

“Yes you can. Just read the pictures – tell what’s happening, like this,” I proceed to demonstrate how to read the pictures of a Berenstain Bears book that she could probably recite by heart.

“But that’s. not. reading.”

Enter the Kindergartener.

“Georgia! You can read it,” she continues in her best teacher voice, ” Look carefully at the pictures and then just tell what is happening in the story.”

Georgia remains unconvinced. She hangs her head and mumbles, “One day when I be in kindergarten, maybe I can read too.”

Ellie is pleased as punch that her sister admires her new skill.

“Goodnight little readers. goodnight.”

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