And you walk on

The day, it’s fine.

Sunshine, Some warmth,

Taking your kid to school.

And somewhere else,

For someone else,


And you walk on.

You get the text.

A sliver of their grief,

Lands on your chest,

And you walk on.

Photo by Rahul Shah on

4 thoughts on “And you walk on

  1. Oh, the immense pain and profoundly normal all within a short time. It’s such a strange thing. Sending warmth for those who may be hurting.


  2. This piece is jolting, its form mirroring how our society has become so numb to endless tragedy. I read somewhere that this cycle of exhaustion is also by design, making change slow. At the same time, we must keep moving forward.


  3. And you walk on….haunting yet true. You sum up my feelings during this year so well in this poem. Thanks for sharing. Glad I have time today (Day 2 of Spring Break) to spend some time looking at my friends’ writing and leaving comments. Sorry I’m late to get to this. This March, it has been hard to stop and read and comment. Another reason I connect with this poem.


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