The Almost Post

I almost wrote an acceptance speech tonight on behalf of myself and my husband for winning the parents of the night award. Because (bow to the left, bow to the right) we didn’t lose our shit on our child. Hardly even once.

After the whining,

Then crying,

Then bawling,

because of a play she wanted to put on that couldn’t happen right then.

That her two-year-old sister wouldn’t cooperate in.

That she hadn’t actually planned.

That’s what I almost wrote.

But then at bedtime I pulled out her writing journal to read her stories with her.

So instead, I’ll brag.

My kid is a writer. Who makes me laugh.

5 thoughts on “The Almost Post

  1. This line made me laugh out loud: “Because (bow to the left, bow to the right) we didn’t lose our shit on our child. Hardly even once. ” Good for you! And good for you for raising such a writer! It’s true–I would not want to play hide and seek with a lizard. I love the variety of information you share about your daughter–you give us such a rich picture of her complex personality!


  2. Priceless writing – even the drawing of the lizard and the counting for hide-and-seek … yikes that lizards are good at this-!!!! I am proud of you all, Mom & Dad, for “‘hardly even once” losing it with your child… I REMEMBER THESE DAYS. ‘Nuff said about that – this is precious. -That “bndin” word…bending? Makes me so curious!


  3. I like how you still told us what you thought you’d write about and also got to brag about your daughter as a writer. I am so glad you posted it here!! So fun to read. You can tell her from me, I like how observant she is as a writer and made a point to include a specific detail that makes the lizard so good at that game. Thanks you both for sharing. This SOL was a twofer treat!


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