Just a Little Light

To say this year has been like none other is the understatement of the millennium.

We’re virtual! Figure out childcare for your kids so you can be tied to your computer. Here’s a new learning platform. And 42 videos about Microsoft Teams! Be sure to not to require cameras on but please remember to give specific, timely, and meaningful feedback. Here are 37 apps for your students to use. Got it? Oh, and do this unrelated pd too, please.

Oh, hey! We’re going back in person! Did you fill out all your health forms for exemptions? Make new class lists and schedules? Oh, wait. No we’re not going back! So here’s a new way to teach reading groups, with lesson plans written like a dissertation and links to 23 different sites to go for resources. And oh, here’s this new mandate from the state about interventions. See your reading specialists for help. Best of luck.

Hey! We’re going back in two weeks. K-2 teachers, you get a new class! Learn all about them to make sure they make academic growth, m’kay? Write two days of in person lessons and two virtual. Suitcases are effective transportation for taking the contents of your class to and from school. 3-5 teachers, you get to keep your whole class! It’s just that you will have some kids on Tuesday/Wednesday, others Thurs/Friday and others only virtual. Here is a document from each department regarding how to teach in person from six feet away. And please read this 18 page return to school handbook with hyperlinks outlining all of our new procedures and policies. See you soon!

Exhausting. So many teachers are on the brink. Tight. Pinched. Short. As a coach I am often on the receiving end of the frustration.

Which is why you may think I really lost my marbles if I told you I voluntarily went to a weekend pd session. But heading to TC’s virtual Saturday Reunion is exactly what I needed. I couldn’t stay long because, well, that little childcare issue. But, just being in the presence of passionate, positive people sharing their love of teaching with others let in enough light to keep me going.

3 thoughts on “Just a Little Light

  1. Your description of what teaching has felt like this year is spot on. I love your last paragraph, though: turns out that when we can choose our PD and spend time with others who are passionate, we’ll go even on weekends. I’m glad that you got to spend time there, even if it was only for a little while.


  2. You managed to put into words the INSANITY of this year. The multiple pivots and hyperlinks! It is amazing how CHOICE absolutely changes EVERYthin- something we must remember in our classrooms. I am thrilled you participated in the Saturday Reunion. In November, I attended NCTE virtually, and that was exactly how I felt. Like I was crazy to do so, but it truly saved me from burnout.

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  3. You decribed all that APS teachers have juggled with SO well! I love all the numbers you added as you shared the timeline, too!. It amplified the insanity well.

    Your ending made me SO happy. I too spent time with TCRPW on the 20th and somehow as you say so well: just being in the presence of passionate, positive people sharing their love of teaching with others let in enough light to keep me going. Now another week is done, we are on Spring Break. And YES, I counted – Once I retunr, I just have 45 days + 8 Mondays to teach and then Summer!! I also got accepted to the TCRWP Equity Institute that runs the week right after school ends. SO excited to be vitually in their presence again! As you say, they are the LIGHT that keeps me going. AND this year it is needed EVEN MORE!

    Thanks for documenting our APS year so well here. I may keep this to add to my Covid wriitng scrapbook!


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