T minus 29 minutes…

for me to publish this piece and still meet the challenge.

Do I write the proud mama moment, the walk home from school that my daughter spent orally planning and revising her Belinda story (we were discussing book 100, though only 1 and 2 have been written)?

About my husband reflecting on his painful calves after a run, “they’re not screaming.”

Maybe about my younger daughter, the one who loves being naked, looking down before going out to play and shockingly proclaiming, “I have clothes on!”

About my bff neighbor who just told me she’s moving to Florida.

Or maybe about the moms all sitting around the fire sharing stories of loss and hope to the lesbian couple deciding when to conceive.

Maybe my post is just about how this challenge, though sometimes hard to squeeze into life, makes me fully present for moments big and small in my every day. Makes me see them through the eyes of a writer, sharpening their focus until they’re ready to share.

4 thoughts on “T minus 29 minutes…

  1. So I slid under the time limit, too. It is amazing how time flies in a given day. The myriad of moving tasks has had my head spinning so I understand what meeting the challenge means. Great meeting you and reading your slice.


  2. Funny that all late slicers have the same thought. But your slice starters are awesome. Maybe when the challenge is over you can revisit them and capture their whole. I like the idea that the challenge makes us see small and big moments of our daily life with the eye of a writer.


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