Shiver, Shiver, Sweat #SOL19

apartment bed carpet chair

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Shiver, shiver, sweat.  Shiver, shiver, sweat.

Cough, cough. 

“Mom?  I don’t feel good.”

“Oh no.  How can I help?”

“Well, I just have to go to school today.  We’re having a party for Ms. Laura to celebrate her new baby.”

“Oh, hon, you shouldn’t try to do everything if you’re sick.  You need to take care of yourself.”

“I know, but I want to go.”

“You can’t get her sick.  Take the rest of the day off and I can watch the girls.”

(grumbling), “Thanks, Mom.”

Forty one years and I still need her like Ellie needs me.



7 thoughts on “Shiver, Shiver, Sweat #SOL19

  1. Be well soon and God bless your Mom. I suspect you get your vibrant mothering skills from her. AND – you still sliced!!! With your characteristic flair, no less! Mom-ness leads to other superhuman powers. 🙂


  2. Meaghan, thank you for your beautiful, heartfelt words on the “who inspires you” post. I am overcome -! I have so enjoyed reading your posts; they’ve frequently ended my day with a smile and a laugh out loud, as well as something on which to reflect. Your approach to writing, to teaching, to motherhood – all are a delight. Know that you’re a joy, equally an inspiration, and that I am grateful to have come to know you here. Now – onto the day and what slice-worthy surprises await! 🙂


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