Not Mincing Any Words #SOL19


Ellie has had four years to develop her ability to communicate and my has she used the time wisely. The girl talks when she’s riding, bathing, running, and playing. Her monologues and soliliqies can be pretty hilarious, but sometimes she’s funniest when she’s succinct.

Scene: In the car on the ride home. Mother and daughter spend thirty four minutes straight dissecting the plot and characters of Coraline (the creepiest kids’ movie ever).

Me: (turns to look at her in the back seat) Phew. That was quite a dissertation.

Ellie: (gazing out the window) Yep.

And earlier in the week:

Scene: Sitting at the dining room table.  Mother and daughter share charming moment coloring the Elsa and Anna coloring book.

Me: Can you hand me that orange marker?  I want to color Anna’s hair orange.

Ellie: Nonsense.


2 thoughts on “Not Mincing Any Words #SOL19

  1. Your own succinct, punch-packing style may be paving her way … this is seriously adorable. It should be in a parenting magazine or something. I am almost imagining Ellie in a tent on hill somewhere and people trekking to consult her wisdom! I’m reminded of my oldest son at age five: When my husband and I had an argu – er, disagreement – our son looked me in the eyes and said, “Mom just ignore him like I do.” These young ones have wisdom, I tell you.


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