Hero to Villain #SOL19

boy child clouds kid

My daughter, looking at pictures on the phone: Mom, remember that time you gave me chicken tenders?

Me, half listening: Hmm?  When?  Last week?

Her: No, yesterday a long time ago (translation: any time in the past).

Me: Uh, no, I think I gave you chicken tenders last week though (still patting myself on the back for getting protein in her belly).

Her: No. When I was a baby.

Me, now fully attentive and confused: Huh? When you were a baby?  I didn’t give you chicken tenders when you were a baby.

Her: Yes you did. See?  Right here (flips the phone toward me).

Me squinting for a better look.  Processing a picture of her as a baby with red spots on her face.


Me: Oh, baby, those weren’t chicken tenders.  Those were chicken pox.

And from the language of babes, I went from being my own hero in a cape holding high a plate of delicious chicken tenders to the cackling villain who gave her own kid the pox just before her six month vaccination.

2 thoughts on “Hero to Villain #SOL19

  1. At least you deciphered her meaning, eventually … love love love that superhero picture and your own image of self morphing from hero to villain – oh yes, that IS HOW IT FEELS, sometimes – but, for real, you’re a hero. 🙂


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