The Fart that Saved the World

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Alright, maybe not the world, but definitely my day.

This morning I rushed out the door to work on a project I wanted to finish before the kids arrived.

Miraculously, I was 20 minutes early, but quickly thereafter, defeated. I was beat down by a color copy machine – Kapow!  Teachers who wanted to chat about x, y, and z – Zap!  Wilting paper and lame ribbon – Boom! The project was late. And crappy.

That debacle behind me, I tried to focus my powers on my actual job. But, coaching different grade levels each month means jumping in to the middle of units and trying to get up to speed at grade level meetings I haven’t attended in months – Whack! 

By 1:00, I was sullen and depressed – Bonk! 

Shortly thereafter, I found myself providing a read aloud accommodation to two third grade students in the hall.

Halfway through, one of them took a peek at the back of the test. His eyes widened at the questions glaring back at him and he said, “Oh my gosh, I bet she’s got 100 more questions for us!”  He was having his own Zonk!

For some reason, this struck my funny bone.  I laughed right out loud, my voice echoing off the walls. And at the same time, I let one rip.

This wasn’t just any toot.  This was a fart straight out of central casting.  The perfect whoopee cushion imitation. Pfffftt!

And I didn’t bat an eye.  Sure, the kids stole a look at each other, but my lack of response dared them to believe their ears.  I just kept on keeping on.

Only when the kids went back to class did I let myself crack up about it.  And, boy, that fart beamed a ray of sunshine on my day.  Shazam!

After that I was smiling and jiving down the hall.  I offered extra pay to a tutor I supervise because she had to wait for a late parent.  I even jump started a car on the way out of work.  I told a great story on the drive home, cooked dinner, and started my day four slice of life.

That was a hell of a toot.  Pow!


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